Our Classrooms

  • Classroom Overview

    We specialise in four main rooms.
  • We specialise in four classrooms with nine to twenty children in each classroom, with a different child age range.

  • At Washway Road Day Nursery we provide three classrooms accommodating children from birth to 5 years.

    Each of our three rooms provides age appropriate environments, to allow children to explore and become confident lifelong learners.

    • Baby Room
      • 0 - 12
      • 1 to 3
        Staff Ratio
    • Toddler Room
      • 2 - 3
        Year olds
      • 1 to 4
        Staff Ratio
    • Pre School Room
      • 3+
        Year olds
      • 1 to 8
        Staff Ratio
    • Tweenie Room
      • 1 - 2
        Year olds
      • 1 to 3
        Staff Ratio
  • At Washway Road Day nursery and Pre-school, our aims and objectives are to:

    • Provide high quality care and education for all children.
    • Work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop.
    • Offer children and their parents a service, which promotes equality and values diversity.
    • Provide a safe and stimulating environment.
    • Help take forward a child’s individual learning and development building upon what that child already knows and can do.
    • Provide a key person for every child, who ensures that each individual child progresses and achieves.
  • Baby Room
    Under 2 Years

    Our baby room is a large open plan room that has been specially designed to create a relaxing environment for babies up to 12 months. The babies are welcomed and looked after by mature and caring  staff that have a real passion for creating a homely and nurturing feel to the unit.

    Everything is at the child’s level to enable them to cruise around with ease. We use a daily diary sheet to record all of our baby’s feeds, sleeps and changes. Parents are also encouraged into the room to speak to staff on a daily basis.

    The baby room provides cots and cosy areas to encourage children to rest and sleep in line with their home routine. Children have at least two outdoor sessions per day. The baby room has a large sensory area and is set up to encourage children to explore, learn, investigate and have fun. 

  • Toddler Room
    2 - 3 Years

    The Toddler Room includes a book corner, home corner, creative area, construction area, sand and water area, mark making and of course messy play!

    At the beginning of each session, staff will spend time chatting to you, and help your child to ‘self-register’ with their own individual name card with photo. Interesting, exciting, creative and sensory activities are planned e.g. cooking, making play dough, painting, collage, coloured water etc. As well as other activities in the outdoor environment.

    It is just as important for staff and children to have quiet times too, just relaxing with a story in the book corner. Children learn ‘mini life skills’ such as spreading butter on toast and pouring drinks, toilet training and washing hands, which provides opportunities for them to express their growing independence. Spending time with qualified, dedicated and caring staff provides children with opportunities to chat with others and be listened to.

    During ‘Circle Time’ (if they are ready) children will join in with singing, stories, puppets and games encouraging children’s social interaction.

  • Pre-School Room
    3 - 5 Years

    The Pre-School room is a natural progression from the Toddler room. The sessions aim to get your child ready for school.

    The room is set out with various areas including a construction corner, book corner, home corner, puzzles, creative messy areas with paint, glue and mark making equipment, water, sand, computer area, and table activities too!

    A mixture of adult and child initiated activities will take place throughout the day, maximising children’s learning.
    We operate an innovative, stimulating, ‘free flow’ environment!

    Children are able to access the indoors and the outdoor area for most of the session. The outdoor environment will enhance children’s learning further with lots of activities planned throughout the day.

  • Tweenie Room
    1 - 2 Years

    Our Tweenie room is situated next to our baby room with an open plan design allowing the babies to transition with minimal disruption as possible. There is a strong emphasis on physical development with equipment especially provided to allow children to crawl, walk and tumble safely.

    Daily sheets are used to record all of our Tweenies’ feeds, sleeps and changes.

    The Tweenies’ still have access to cots and cosy areas to encourage them to rest after exploring and investigating. Tweenies’ have at least two outdoor sessions per day.

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